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Who are we?

Pelican GeoGraphics Ltd is a private company, started in the year 2000 to provide geological and environmental GIS services to users of spatial information. 

Customer satisfaction is our intention.

Based in the South of England, and with GIS experience predominantly in the mineral exploration industry, Pelican GeoGraphics Ltd focuses on the use of MapInfo Professional and related software as tools for the mapping and interpretation of field data.

As a Pitney Bowes Premier Partner, we are one of the UK's main providers of MapInfo ProfessionalEncom Discover and Encom Engage3D, as well as Exa-Min's GBM Mobile / GBM Portable series, to the Natural Resources industry.

We run training workshops in MapInfo Professional and Encom Discover to enhance your capabilities with these industry-standard desktop mapping combination.

What people say... 

Satisfied clients are our main aim - here is what some of them have said told us

"A HUGE Thank You once again for your help as always" - Red Rock Resources

"You are the best" - Ormonde Mining plc.

About the Director
Caroline Hilton, Managing Director of Pelican GeoGraphics, is an experienced geologist with a Mining and Mineral Exploration degree from the University of Leicester and a PhD in iron-formation-hosted base-metal deposition in the Carajás district, Brazil, from the University of Southampton, and the following industry experience:
  • Senior Geologist with Pasminco Exploration, Australia: Base-metal Project Generation in Broken Hill. Extensive experience of digital archiving, drafting and data manipulation of historic and recently acquired geological, geochemical and geophysical data in MapInfo and ERMapper.
  • Senior Geologist with Golden Star Resources Ltd, Guyana: Setting up a map archive database, maintaining company records and compiling statutory reports on all exploration projects for government and joint venture partners.
  • Geologist with Mintec SA, Bolivia: Grassroots exploration and drilling programmes in remote areas of the Andes, involving mapping, soil and rock sampling, drilling and core logging in gold, silver and base-metal prospects.

Previous Pelican Projects

Spatial data management projects include the compilation of major geological data sets in Australia, Sweden, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

MapInfo and Discover training courses for major exploration companies including Rio Tinto, Boliden Tara Mines, Lapp Plats, Aurum Exploration, Stratex International, Glencar Mining, Beowulf Mining, Red Back Mining, HSEC, SRK and Barrick Gold.

Software Solution Clients Include...

We are proud to do business with some major names in mineral exploration and environmental services, with clients including:

ACA Howe
Aurum Exploration
Boliden Tara Mines
Cluff Gold
Hugh Stuart Exploration
Lydian International
Radnor Wildlife Trust
Regency Mines
Rathdowney Resources
SLR Consulting
SRK Consulting
SRK Exploration
Stratex International
Economie Belgium

Pelican Partnerships

Pelican GeoGraphics are in partnership with Pitney Bowes Software/PB EncomExa-Min Technologies and Seveno, and have close working relationships with HME PartnershipGDat Solutions and CDR Group

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