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MapInfo-Discover 2016 coming soon

posted 7 Sep 2016, 03:55 by Caroline Hilton
We are now getting close to the release of MapInfo Pro 16.0, which will be followed by the release of the MapInfo-Discover 2016 bundle

One of the main features coming to MapInfo Pro 16 is Interactive Thematic Mapping. This lets you modify your themes interactively via controls on a new ribbon tab. Pitney Bowes have added color palettes from Color Brewer to this ribbon tab to make it easy to make nice looking thematics.

Tom Probert, MapInfo Pro Global Product Manager, has written an article about this new feature in the MapInfo Pro Journal. Read the article here: Interactive Thematic Mapping in v16.0.

Pitney Bowes have also added a number of new ways to access data such as OGC WFS 2.0, OGC WMTS 1.0 and OGC Geopackage.

At the top of the ideas list on the Pitney Bowes Ideas Portal is the ability to pack a table without having the manually add it back into maps. This is being addressed with a new tool called Advanced Pack that will replace the normal Pack feature. It also allows you to pack multiple tables.