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MapInfo-Discover News: New evaluation request; which software to use; 64-bit release

posted 7 Sep 2016, 04:06 by Caroline Hilton
Pitney Bowes have just released a new MapInfo Discover Page in the PB Location Analytics section. This page also now features a Free Trial request form

Confused about which MapInfo Product is best for you? This helpful new comparison chart explains the capabilities across the various MapInfo products and bundles, with a geoscience focus.

Are you finding MapInfo Discover 64-bit a little intimidating? This MapInfo Discover demonstration (condensed from Pitney Bowes' very popular webinars earlier this year) takes you through all major aspects of the new interface in detail, as well as shows you the new capabilities (such as MapInfo Pro Raster) in action. It also works through some geoscience-specific examples of using the new Raster Engine, such as converting geological polygon maps into raster for superior processing and querying. A helpful interactive Table of Contents is included in the YouTube description, so you can jump straight to (or revisit) any topic of interest.