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Encom Discover Mobile

GIS for Pocket PC

Discover Mobile is a portable GIS solution for the field geologist.

Utilising the Encom Discover technology for field use on a range of Portable PC hardware devices, Discover Mobile is the perfect field mapping solution with access to all your digital data.

Download the Discover Mobile brochure or find out what's new in v3.8.

Discover Mobile provides MapInfo-style functionality to Windows-based PDAs running Windows Mobile v5, 6 or 6.5. Discover Mobile's desktop tools require MapInfo Professional and Encom Discover.

MapInfo data can be uploaded from the desktop computer to the handheld device in a few seconds and is then available for editing, additional data capture or in field reference.

Discover Mobile on Nomad

Main Features of Discover Mobile:

  • Simple transfer of data between devices
  • Simple and real-time GPS tracking for accurate position location and data collection
  • Simple pick list-driven or manual data entry
  • Field-portable XRF connectivity using Thermo-Fisher Niton or Olympus Innov-X devices
  • Simple and intuitive user interface utilising toolbars and a comprehensive menu system
  • Basic file maintenance (Create, Open,Close and Delete). All output files are fully compatible with MapInfo Professional
  • Full MapInfo Professional projection support
  • Comprehensive suite of tools for fast on-screen navigation and map display
  • Polygonising linework
  • Distance measurement tools
  • Interactive location tools
  • Complete object creation and editing control for points, polylines and polygons
  • Raster display and support for common image formats
  • Advanced querying capability using quick find and complex SQL
  • Automated or manual labelling plus annotation support
  • Full support for Encom Discover geological and structural symbols.

The current release is v3.8.

Please see for more details or contact Pelican GeoGraphics for prices.