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GBM Data Services

GBM Data Services supports wireless data transfer between mobile computers and office based desktop systems.

The product provides similar services to GBM Mobile Manager but does not require mobile devices to be directly connected to a local PC. GBM Data Services is offered as a technology update for the retired GBM Web Transfer utility.

With GBM Data Services, mobile computer operators can use wireless LAN or a mobile phone network to upload field observations into an office-based database and to refresh mobile data content.

GBM Data Services is offered as a companion product to GBM Mobile and GBM Portable customers and is an integral part of many GBM business solutions including GBM Disaster Manager, GBM Graffiti Management Solution, GBM Tree Management Solution and GBM Road Corridor Defects Solution.

GBM Data Services works with “best practice” Internet security. Two configurations are possible.

Direct Connection

Mobile devices connect to the customer’s network and exchange data with a customer database under strict security controls. This approach is preferred for larger projects that need to regularly synchronise mobile and head office databases and automatically dispatch work instructions to mobile crews.

Web Caching

This implementation has a lower IT footprint than the direct connections approach. Mobile devices post updates to a data centre for subsequent download by an office-based operator. Set up and security management is greatly simplified, as customers do not need to open their network for remote access. This approach is well suited to small projects and businesses who have limited control over their Internet set-up.