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GBM Portable

GBM Portable is part of the Global GBM's Mobility suite developed for the mobile MapInfo data collector.               GBM Portable

GBM Portable delivers mapping and data entry capabilities on PC systems that parallel the environment seen on the PDA with GBM Mobile. GBM Portable supports full GIS mapping, GPS integration and the same custom forms capability as GBM Mobile. It operates on desktop, notebook and tablet PCs as well as the new Windows Ultra Mobile (UMPC) devices.

GBM Portable

Easy-to-use interfaces assist project supervisors to tailor maps and information display. End user training overheads are very low.

GBM Portable is the ideal system for mobile operators who prefer a Windows computer to a PDA. It also provides an office solution that parallels the GBM Mobile field environment.

Features include:

  • Mapping Toolbox - View, pan and zoom maps; draw and edit MapInfo objects; measure, info and statistics tools; assign graphical styles
  • GPS-integration - Draw at GPS location, allow a moving map, track GPS routes
  • Custom Forms - build customised data entry forms on base PC for use on the PDA. Features incluse data validation, style libraries, pick lists, track changes and more
  • Integration - fully integrated with both MapInfo Professional (desktop) and MapInfo Exponare (intranet), allowing transfer of data between mobile device and office-based systems directly via cable, wireless network or by mobile phone
  • GBM Mobile Manager - PC-based user interface for automated transfer of software, data and custom forms between PC and mobile device. User profiles automate upload and download operations for field workers.
  • GBM Mobile Merge - Automate merging of field edits, time stamp changes, support multiple field operators, resolve concurrent edits and easily synchronise data between PC and mobile devices.

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