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GBM Pro is part of Global GBM's Mobility suite developed to work with GBM Mobile, the mobile MapInfo data collector.  



GBM Pro unlocks the power of MapInfo Professional by making it accessible to the wider workforce. The solution improves data quality, reduces costs and minimises training overhead.

In its standard form, MapInfo Professional is a general-purpose toolkit that relies heavily on individual operators' knowledge of their business environment. There are few in-built procedures to enforce consistency and data quality across workgroups. Adding GBM Pro elevates MapInfo Professional to an enterprise-level solution that recognizes the business context and editing constraints for each dataset.

GBM Pro means data quality and consistency are improved and IT overheads come down as data preparation and clean-up workload time is significantly reduced. Corporate data becomes more accessible with lower training costs.

GBM Pro also enables information from multiple related tables to be viewed in a single form, easing data access for the general user.

GBM Pro lets you:

  • use real world data that embodies one-to-many data relationships.
  • ensure data consistency through drop-down lists and automated value generation.
  • protect data quality through on-the-spot validation.
  • tailor data-entry screens without programming.
  • simplify training with field name aliasing and intelligent prompting.
  • use with all Mapinfo tables including live database links.
  • standardize maps through data driven graphical styles library.
  • automate legend printing.

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