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MapInfo Professional and add-on software solutions

Pelican GeoGraphics is the UK’s main provider of Encom DiscoverEncom Engage3D, and Global GBM's GeoBasemap family to the Natural Resources sector. These products are widely used in conjunction with MapInfo Professional throughout the exploration industry. 

With our experience in the minerals industry, and our partnerships with Global GBM (formerly Exa-Min) and with Pitney Bowes Software (formerly MapInfo Software and Encom Technology) we can provide both support and training to back up client investment.

Please use the links below to find out more about the different software titles and contact us for pricing and further information on the GIS solutions. Significant discounts are available for multi-user purchases.

Products available also include MapInfo Manager, Encom PA and Encom's geophysical software titles such as EMTools, ModelVision, QuickMag and EMFlow. Please contact us for further information about these, or see Encom's website.


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