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MapInfo Pro - Discover Bundle

Please DO NOT download and install the Bundle version if you have purchased the standalone MapInfo and Discover licences and not yet converted to the bundle release.

Please bear with us while we update these pages, since the Discover software was acquired by Datamine in June 2017.
Please CONTACT US for Discover download details in the meantime.

MapInfo Pro - Discover bundle v2016 64-bit released October 2016

MapInfo Pro - Discover bundle v2015 32-bit released July 2015
Use US host if outside Australia).

MapInfo Pro - Discover bundle v2015.2 64-bit released December 2015

MapInfo Pro-Discover Bundle 2016: Latest patch updates - Found on above links. Install 2015 version firs

MapInfo Professional

Do NOT download and install this if you have purchased or wish to use the Bundle Installer, below
MapInfo Pro v16  (32-bit released July 2015, 64-bit released October 2015)

MapInfo downloads require registration.

Software will run for 30 days in evaluation mode or with a valid upgrade code. Please contact us to purchase. 
For MapInfo patches, click "check for updates" from your MapInfo Help menu. Current patch is v15.2 or get the patch here: 

MapInfo ProViewer(FREE) MapInfo free viewer (requires registration)

Encom Discover Standalone

Includes 3D, which is activated only if separate module purchased. To evaluate, please install the bundle version and contact us for a trial code.

Discover 64-bit is not available as a standalone product. Please contact us to convert your licence to the bundle version, or for download details since the aqcquisition of Discover by Datamine in June 2017.

Discover & Discover 3D v2015  July 2015 release - 32-bit 

Discover patch releases: Install full v2015 release first (as administrator), then check for updates

Discover & Discover 3D 2014.0.2

March 2015 archive release. Install: For those who do not have v2015 maintenance contract. Please contact us for upgrade costs.

Encom Discover 3D Viewer(FREE) 3D Viewer (52mb)

Encom Discover Mobile Discover Mobile v3.8 for Windows Mobile 5, 6 or 6.5 (Oct 2013)

Encom Engage Series Encom Engage 2013 (Sept 2013)
Encom Engage 3D 2013 (Sept 2013)

Encom PA Encom PA 2013 (Feb 2013)

Free Encom PA Viewer 2013 (Feb 2013)

ModelVision ModelVision by Tensor Resources 

Seveno DataSight Seveno DataSight Download Request Form

GBM Mobile Solutions GBM Prov 2.10 (August 2011)
GBM Mobile v8 (September 2014)
GBM Portable v8 (May 2016)

GBM Desktop Solutions GBM Mapping System v2.2.029 - 32-bit only. Will not run with MapInfo 64-bit.

Older versions..

MapInfo Professional older releases and patches available here

Discover Standalone versions: NO LONGER AVAILABLE (July 19th 2017)
Bundle installer MapInfo-Discover
For other software evaluations, please contact us with your name, company and software product required and we will send you activation instructions for your download.

Free evaluations are also available via mail for:
  • MapInfo Manager
  • MapInfo Stratus
To request pricing details on any of the above products, please send us your name and requirements, including company details, and we will be happy to help.