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Encom Compass

GIS Data and Metadata Management software for MapInfo

The Compass suite of products deliver data management systems suitable for an individual through to a global enterprise, each utilising spatial searching capabilities. Organisations with spatial data management requirements will benefit from implementing a Compass system by:
  • significantly reducing data search and preparation times
  • almost completely eliminating training requirements for new users
  • radically reducing time required to prepare data for export to field workers, external contractors or joint venture partners
  • avoiding the loss of valuable data
Compass systems can be utilised by an entire organisation's staff regardless of discipline. Compared to using disparate systems that do not integrate spatial information, this results in significant cost savings and improved productivity.


  • Spatial Searching - Allows the user to define an area and return all the data that is available over that area.
  • User Defined Categories - Unlimited categories, data types and data sources in an Explorer-style treeview.
  • Data View - View data by either data type or data source, filter data by object type, date, scale etc.
  • Catalogues - Catalogue Tab files, Stored Queries and Workspaces, now supports multiple catalogues.


Compass is available in 2 main formats:
  • Compass Scout - is a free download for use with MapInfo Tables on a single workstation. Not Windows 10 compatible.
  • Compass Enterprise - Catalogues and maintains Tables, Saved Queries, Workspaces, ER Mapper Image Web Server and Oracle Spatial connections across a server or on a single workstation. 
  • Available as Compass Administrator for maintaining data catalogues, and Compass Navigator for searching, selecting and viewing data. 
    Has the capacity to handle increasing content volumes and high traffic loads across flexible multi-tier deployments, within your office and across the globe, using different modules such as Compass Commander and Compass Voyager

For more information about the different options, including brochures, visit the pbEncom Compass pages or contact us.