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MapInfo-Discover Bundle - GIS for the Geosciences

MapInfo Discover
is the leading Geoscientific MapInfo-based mapping and analytical tool.

pbEncom's MapInfo Discover software enables you to compile, visualise, analyse and map your spatial geoscience data in the most effective way, utilising all of MapInfo's capabilities in addition to the specialist geological tools detailed below.

See more details, brochures and downloads on our PB showcase MapInfo Discover Pages

v2016 was released as a MapInfo Pro+Discover bundle in September 2016, and is only available as a 64-bit version. If using a 32-bit machine, you can still run the MapInfo-Discover v2015 bundle. Please find both on our downloads pages.

Download a brochure: MapInfo Discover Data Sheet

View details about the MapInfo Discover 3D module 

Use MapInfo Discover to:  
  • Build geological datasets
  • Compile drill-hole cross-sections and plans
  • View huge gridded datasets
  • Create drainage basins from gridded DEMs
  • Produce high-quality scaled maps, with geological symbols and linework
  • Create graphs with maintained links to spatial data in map windows
  • Create, manipulate, contour and profile gridded surfaces
  • Create and analyse stream networks and catchments from DEMs
  • Analyse and visualise geochemical data
  • Optionally display data in 3D using new MapInfo Discover 3D module
  • Integrate with field GIS using MapInfo Discover Mobile module
  • Enhance your GIS productivity via an extensive range of advanced tools and utilities
pbEncom Discover Showcase
Click the image to find out more about pbEncom's MapInfo Discover


Features Include:
  • MapInfo Advanced Raster module - rapid gridding functionality for huge datasets, includes RGB/LandSat interpretation tool. For gridding and contouring point data (e.g. topography or geochemistry), with extensive classification, editing, vectorisation, analysis and arithmentic utilities including kriging and grid profiling
  • Batch Gridding tool allows creation of large grids from multi-point data files, such as LAS LiDAR data
  • Large dataset handling (1GB+) and grid tiling supported
  • Raster Imagery - create Registered Raster supports ECW output
  • GraphMap - Creating graphs and structural plots, and linking graphed data to mapped locations (e.g. stream geochemistry or regional geology). Entirely redeveloped (in v9) for extensive 2D and 3D graphical visualisation and interactive analysis.
  • Discover 3D Module (optional) - A new menu provides access to Discover 3D, a completely new add-on, available sperately for use with v6.1 onwards
  • Hydrology Toolbox - Carry out stream/catchment analysis from DEMs, including catchment delineation, gradient and flow determination (improved significantly in v2011)
  • Drillhole and Trench or Costean cross-section, plan and log display, including improved downhole display and real-world structural feature display


  • Dynamic scale bar - adds a scale bar to your map window or in a separate window
  • Quick Digitising Toolbox  - Range of new utilities to digitise, check and clean linework, create and attribute polygons and annotate linework
  • Stacked Profiles - generated from line data

  • Geochemical Data Analysis - A module for geochemical data analysis and visualisation enables separation of data into specific populations, correlations, levelling and summary statistics to be performed
  • Environmental Utilities - Display temporal data (such as water monitoring sites) from point locations; Visualise vector data (magnitude and orientation); Quantify and visualise area changes
  • Map Making Tools- including applying standard map colours to polygon (e.g. geological) and point maps, and quickly generating editable, customisable legends (making corporate styles easy to adhere to)

  • Disc_map

  • Synchronised Map Window Linking - Pan in one window, all linked windows mimic the view
  • Style Cloner - Copies styles from existing to new map objects
  • Interactive cursor position - locate yourself on all open windows
  • Table Reprojection facility - for reprojecting multiple tables at once
  • Image Rectification facility - manipulation of images within Discover
  • Structural, Water and Environmental fonts

  • Disc_fonts

  • Smart Grid Handling direct support for GeoSoft, ERMapper and BIL formats in 3D
  • Importing DXF and 3D DXF, SRTM & IoGas data.
  • Object and Table Editing functionality over and above that of MapInfo - e.g. import MineSight (.SRG), Vulcan (.ARCH_D), Surpac, DataSight, Datamine, acQuire and Geosoft data and export to MineSight, Vulcan, Surpac string and Datamine ASCII format
  • Advanced workspace and table features
  • On-screen digitising and data-input facility
  • Quickly producing scaled hardcopy output, complete with titleblock, scalebar and mapgrid
  • Library of geology-specific symbols, line styles and custom-made fill patterns

Significant discounts available for multi-licence purchases

Further information about all Encom Discover's features can be found on Encom Technology's Discover pages, or more generally at

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