MapInfo Discover3D

Encom Discover 3D for MapInfo Discover is a fully integrated 3D GIS solution designed to meet the requirements of the Natural Resources sector; specifically geologists, environmental scientists, cartographers, exploration managers and petroleum engineers. 

Built using the functionality and power of the award-winning Encom Discover, Discover 3D turns a 2D environment into a full 3D GIS system. 

Switch from the traditional 2D GIS mode to full 3D to view and interact in real time with a range of GIS datasets. 


An optional extra for the MapInfo Discover bundle, the Discover 3D module will:
    • Provide a seamless 3D link with MapInfo Professional GIS
    • Allow 3D navigation, fly-through creation and AVI output
    • Allow users to interrogate a range of data in 3D space and bypass slower 2D methods
    • Enable 3D use of Discover drillhole projects
    • Display maps, sections and level plans in 3D, along with annotated drillhole traces and 3D objects such as underground development, block models etc
    • Enable the user to create, modify and analyse simple 3D solids
    • Display voxel models as solids or threshold, isosurface or slice views
    • Apply height and depth extrusions to 2D objects from MapInfo/Discover
    • Integrate with Encom Discover and Encom Discover Mobile technologies
    Encom Discover 3D was first released in April 2004, and is incorporated in every MapInfo Discover licence, activated by purchasing the module separately. 

    Download a MapInfo Discover 3D Product DataSheet or find out what's new in v2016

    View the Discover 3D Overview video.

    Significant discounts are available for multi-licence purchases

    Further information about Discover 3D can be found on the pbEncom Pitney Bowes website here: MapInfo Discover 3D pages

    Discover 3D requires a dedicated graphics card, and will not run properly with an Intel Integrated graphics card.

    *Click here to see minimum PC specifications for Discover3D v2015 - discrete graphics card required for optimum performance

    Please contact Pelican GeoGraphics for prices or details on how to download a free evaluation.