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Engage3D - GIS for Telco and Insurance

The new dimension for MapInfo Professional

  • Engage provides essential analysis tools for all users of spatial data.
  • Engage3D Pro is the first fully-integrated 3D solution for MapInfo Professional users.
  • Engage3D displays MapInfo maps, gridded surfaces, points, lines, volume models and 3D DXF objects.
  • Engage3D Pro extrudes 2D features into 3D objects and create fly-through recordings for playback.
  • Engage3D Pro also includes powerful surface creation and analysis features, plus a host of productivity enhancing tools for the MapInfo Professional

Engage   Engage3D    
Engage3D Pro


  • Extrude 2D objects to 3D
  • Create 3D points and lines
  • Display 3D vector objects
  • Create, analyse and display gridded surfaces
  • Display MapInfo Professional windows in 3D
  • Display 3D volume models
  • See more at the Pitney Bowes Engage3D site
Engage is available as a standard 2D MapInfo add-on, a 3D viewing tool or as Engage3D Pro. 
Please see the Engage_Comparison_Chart to find out which one you need.

MapInfo Professional

Engage3D runs as a fully integrated application within MapInfo Professional, one of the most widely-used desktop mapping systems. 
MapInfo Professional's robust database technology, spatial analysis tools and high-quality output capability form a powerful and reliable platform for Engage3D's gridding and 3D visualisation.

Support for Engage3D

The Engage3D Annual Support and Update Plan offers: 
access to e-mail, fax, phone and web support 
software updates and patches

For more information 
For more information about Engage3D, please contact Pelican GeoGraphics or download an Engage or Engage3D brochure (3.5mb)