Web GIS enables your workforce and the public to access to your map data over your intranet or the internet.

Mapping is delivered as "Software as a Service", so software upgrades become obselete.

Cost-effective way of enabling location-based data access to your entire workforce, with viewing, querying and editing functionality.

pbEncom Discover Web: Publish and share location-based information with stakeholders through an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use interactive web-based mapping solution. One-button web publishing directly from MapInfo-Discover.
View Discover Web in action here

GBM Web: Browser-based solution complimenting and working alongside other GBM software
GBM Web can be used simply as a central display for information for multiple users to access or more powerfully as an efficient method for collecting and modifying data online while always displaying the latest information. 
View and interact with a live GBM Web demo here

MapInfo Stratus: Pitney Bowes Software's Software as a Service solution giving enterprise-level access to location data via the intranet or internet.